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Aug 19

August 19, 2016

Updated Virginia statutory collection contains changes to business entity statutes

The Virginia General Assembly enacted changes to the state’s business entity statutes in the 2016 Session, including a newly enacted article on Conversion. The just-released 2016 Edition of Virginia Laws Governing Business Entities captures those changes and more. The 2016 Edition also features selected sections from Title 8.01 concerning service of process on corporations, as well as sections from the Uniform Commercial Code dealing with investment securities and secured transactions. A year’s worth of case annotations have been added to…
Aug 1

August 1, 2016

Illinois legislature passes amendments to the State’s business entity laws

The Illinois legislature made a number of amendments to Illinois business entity laws regarding the conduct of professional activities in 2015, including the enactment of the Professional Limited Liability Company Act, which allots companies organized under this act the same rights, privileges, obligations, and restrictions as those organized under the Limited Liability Company Act, except where the Limited Liability Company Act is inconsistent with the Professional Limited Liability Company Act. (When there are inconsistencies, the Professional Limited Liability Company Act…
Jul 6

July 6, 2016

Make sure your annotated statutory collection for Massachusetts is up to date

Make sure your annotated statutory collection for Massachusetts is up to date Corporate attorneys/in-house counsel in Massachusetts, New England and around the country working with Mass. entities need a comprehensive resource that provides the latest legislative updates, case law, fees and forms for the state. The 2016 Edition of Massachusetts Laws Governing Business Entities, releasing this month, is the most comprehensive collection of annotated Massachusetts business statutes available. The 2016 Edition is updated through Chapter 82 of the 2016 Massachusetts…
Jun 13

June 13, 2016

Don’t put your company at risk: Find out if you need to qualify to do business outside your state

A Delaware company discovered last fall that it should have qualified to do business in four other states where it had been doing business since 2000. If the company had qualified in a timely fashion, it would have paid $2,709.27 over the course of the fifteen years it had been doing business in Texas, Illinois, Florida and Georgia. However, because of its original failure to qualify in those states, it was forced to remedy the situation retroactively and pay out…
Jun 7

June 7, 2016

Stay on top of changes in Pennsylvania business law

Pennsylvania’s legislature overhauled the state’s business laws last year, resulting in greater flexibility for mergers, conversions, interest exchanges and domestications, and establishing a new central set of provisions for entity names and for registering to do business as a foreign entity. These legislative changes, effective July 2015, also resulted in an overhaul of the state’s business forms. Practicing attorneys, their staff and in-house counsel in Pennsylvania should be sure they are working with the most up-to-date annotated business law and…
May 13

May 13, 2016

New annotations provide insight for New York business law

New York is one of the top states in the nation for incorporation and business formation, and New York courts are frequently called upon to interpret business statutes, such as recent cases addressing liability of LLC members, dissolution of a foreign business entity by a New York court, the attorney-client privilege of a corporation, the merger of non-profit corporations, and the demand requirement in derivative suits. Legal and business professionals working with New York entities need a way to stay…
May 4

May 4, 2016

Defending Director Discretion

Activist investors looking to effect change on U.S. corporations via positional investment have monopolized discussion of board activity and director responsibilities of late. However, there are parallel legal developments impacting director discretion that should also be on directors’ radar, says Tom Dougherty, author of The Directors’ Handbook. In the Foreword of the new 2016 Edition of The Directors’ Handbook, Dougherty examines three developments worthy of director attention:  the threatened demise of derivative court case protections; increasing judicial skepticism toward settlements…
Mar 23

March 23, 2016

Stay on top of developments in Delaware business entity law

With more than one million companies calling Delaware their legal home, Delaware continues to be the premier venue for forming a business entity for companies around the country and around the world. Legal and business professionals working with Delaware entities need a way to stay on top of legislative developments and new case law interpreting Delaware business statutes. CSC®Publishing has just the right resource: Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities. Published twice a year, this two-volume set is a comprehensive collection…
Jan 22

January 22, 2016

Extensive changes to California business law

2015 was another year of extensive legislative changes for business law in California. Substantive amendments were made to the state’s LLC law, including new indemnification requirements, and changes to voting rights, profit and loss allocation and the winding up of an LLC. Amendments were also made to the state’s franchise law, including changes related to the termination, nonrenewal and transfer of franchises that extend new protections to franchisees. California’s legislature also approved changes to the state’s securities laws related to…
Dec 7

December 7, 2015

Maryland legislature makes important changes to corporation law

The General Assembly of Maryland passed substantive changes to the Maryland General Corporation Law during the 2015 session, including amendments relating to subscriber rights, consents that are effective at a future time and extraordinary actions. These amendments and other recent changes to Maryland and Washington DC business law are captured in the recently released 2015 Edition of Maryland & DC Laws Governing Business Entities. Published by CSC®Publishing in collaboration with LexisNexis, this resource is the most comprehensive collection of annotated…